Talents are essentially specialized techniques a character has mastered.

Talents can either be passive, which apply all the time, or are active which require you to announce you are using it.

Talent tiers cost different amounts of XP. You can only purchase talents from a tier in which you will have (after the purchase) 1 more in the tier below it. For example, if you wish to purchase a tier 3 talent you must have at least 2 talents in tier 2 and at least 3 talents in tier 1.

Tier 1 – 5xp
Tier 2 – 10xp
Tier 3 – 15xp
Tier 4 – 20xp
Tier 5 – 25xp

This game will use a combination of talents in the Genesys CRB, talents nicked from the Star Wars FFG games, and custom made talents.


Homestead Galant