King Morfran Rothport

King of Tammeria


Morfran is a human who is just over 6 feet tall. He has dark hair and eyes. He carries a beautifully crafted Greatsword. Morfran is mostly seen in his exuberant armor. When he looks at you, it is as if he is looking through.


Morfran is just over 40 years. He is not particularly handsome. During his time as prince he influenced his father to invest heavily in expanding military manpower and researching how to improve weapons and armor. The armor Morfran wears is an example of the newest and best armor.

Morfran helped expand the young kingdom’s borders all the way south to the Sea, swallowing up multiple City-States and small kingdoms as he did. Most of the kingdom is glad he did this, because the Kingdom of Tammeria now has a Salt-Water port.

Before coming to power he did not show tendencies to be human-centric. Morfran had a both a great Dwarven general and Elvish general under his command.

King Morfran Rothport

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